Silver Bee Emollient is a safe and easy way to treat damaged skin. Proven to lessen the severity of radiation burns, this emollient works for even more skin issues. From burns, eczema and sun damage to stretch marks, scars and diaper rash. With it's 6 natural ingredients, Silver Bee is absorbed into the skin bringing relief to burns or itchy conditions. It is normal for some redness to occur with initial application. The treated area is responding to the ingredients by sending blood oxygen and fluids to accelerate healing. The redness will subside and you will notice a soothing change to your skin.

Silver Bee Rinse is a natural mouth rinse that brings relief to your dry and / or sore throat. My husband was able to eat solid foods throughout his 8 weeks of radiation treatments despite having lost a salivary gland in the process.  Gargle once or more daily as needed. The simple ingredients sooth irritated soft tissue in the mouth and throat. Great for a scratchy throat (smokers trying to quit), canker sores or easing the pinch of new braces or dentures. This rinse can also be used in a neti pot  to treat sinus irritations or allergies.