“My young son suffers from eczema that flares with allergies, drying soaps and after swimming. Using Silver Bee on his sensitive skin reduces his reactions and soothes the dry painful and itchy sensations. Flynn and I are both grateful for the relief it brings! ”

Maria C - Grand Marais, MN

“While pregnant with twins, Silver Bee helped clear up an itchy rash from my stomach. No other creams or lotions seemed to help but this product did so in a very short period. While breastfeeding and pumping, my nipples had become very tender so I tried lanolin and other recommended breastfeeling products. Silver Bee was the only thing that gave me consistent relief. It has worked wonders on all three of my children. From diaper rash to cradle cap. Since using it, I have seen a marked difference in how quickly these issues fade and heal.”

Jessie G - Willowick, OH

“I have had persistent problems with athletes foot for several years. I have tried treatments both conventional and alternative with limited results. I began applying Silver Bee emollient to the affected area with terrific results! The skin began to heal in two days and within one month, the skin was completely healthy and healed. Thank you Silver Bee!”

Lucy C - Grand Marais, MN

“I have very sun-sensitive skin and developed a cancerous spot on my cheek. It slowly spread over a period of 3 years to about 1 1/2 inches dia. I had no expectations that Silver Bee could help after so long, yet not only did it stop growing, it has started to get smaller! I apply it daily for 4 months after washing or showering , before going outside, and every evening. The skin is now soft and no longer red but a soft pink.”

Karen K - Albany, NY