When my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer,
the prescribed treatment was radiation. Naturally I was
concerned about its effects on him.


My name is Jeri Allison Kenney.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, then lived in the Los Angeles area for 20 years. While I was still in my 20s I attended the Tao Healing Arts Center in Santa Monica to learn about Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since I graduated, I have worked as a Shiatsu Practitioner.

On a trip back to Minneapolis, I met my husband. We got married, I moved back here. We then moved to Maui for 3 years. I continued my education while on the island. When we moved back to Minnesota, our son was 4 years old. He had health difficulties as a baby but we did whatever we could to help him. I learned new and healthy ways to make his food since he couldn't tolerate eating solids until he was 4.

Being exposed to alternative health care treatments opened a whole new world to me. I was excited to share what I learned with my friends and family. I continued my "alternative education" by researching homeopathic remedies, teas, foods and herbs. I started using essential oils during my Shiatsu treatments with great results. I also used them on my family for a myriad of ailments (colds, flu, nausea, fever, bruises, swelling, depression, headaches).  Friends started to call or stop by with their health complaints or questions.  If I knew of a safe option for them I would share it. If they had a helpful remedy I hadn't heard of they would share it.  I read books, talked to other practitioners, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors and mothers.

Over the years people have come to trust my knowledge and experience regarding health and wellness. I have consistently kept an open mind towards alternative treatments, diets and lifestyles. I would never recommend something I only had a hunch about. I have a vast array of people available to advise and educate me.  I hope this helps you understand a little bit about me and how Silver Bee was created. It wasn't  a one time response from me. I have been making home made remedies and treating people for years. Some have called me a healer but I just call myself a healthful friend.